Wicklow’s Historic Gaol Night Tour

County: Outside of Ireland
Event Type: Festival
Start Date: 28-04-2017
End Date: 28-04-2017
Phone Number: +353 1 40461599
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Experience the compelling story of life in Wicklow Gaol since the early 1700s and do it in the dark. At this spooky special event you can mingle with the ghosts, feel the hardships of solitary confinement and even step aboard the transportation ship.


This adults-only tour promises to be an eerie night of exploration in what is widely considered to be Ireland’s most haunted building. It’s little wonder why; Wicklow Gaol was, for many years, a place of horrendous atrocities in which prisoners were subjected to torture, starvation and death.

But the screams and moans are now long faded away and these days the gaol welcomes visitors from all around the world who come to imagine what life was really like behind its cold stone walls.

Why not see for yourself? Enjoy a complimentary glass of wine to steel your nerves as you step into the atmospheric darkness of this historic building for a night you won’t soon forget.

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