Art & Craft Traders

IOMST is Irelands largest and most established Market, Event and Street Trading membership organisation.  In conjunction with Insurers, AIG and Brokers, Richardson Insurance Solution DAC, membership of IOMST provides access to our Public & Employers liability scheme which provides the widest level of cover available.

Our primary aims and objectives are to provide help & support and give information on new markets & events while also ensuring that they benefit from access to the IOMST member insurance scheme.  As an IOMST member you will be instantly recognised by Markets, Events & Local Authorities. Check out our website for more information at .

•  Markets, Events, Fairs and Shows.

Additional cover

  • Exhibitions
  • Teaching Classes
  • Workshops
  • Studio

Some of the insurance products we can arrange include:

  • Public Liability
  • Products Liability
  • Employers Liability
  • Commercial Motor insurance.
  • and more.

Simply call us on 01-8360945         Email      Or fill in our application form below.

All insurance is placed by Richardson Insurance Solution DAC and underwritten by AIG Europe S.A

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Public Liability

Products Liability - Applies to food and drink products only

(available only with Public Liability) N.B. In respect of food units please provide a photograph with your proposal.

Products Liability is available for other products. Please provide full details so this can be considered.

Employers Liability (not included in cost of Public Liability)

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  • Our limit of indemnity for Employers Liability is € 13,000,000.
  • Our limit of indemnity for Public or Products Liability is € 13,000,000.
  • Products Liability €13,000,000 automatically applies to food and drink. Other products can be included where agreed by insurers.

I/we declare that the statements and particulars given in this proposal are, to the best of my/our knowledge and belief, true and complete and that this proposal will form the basis of my/our membership of IOMST.*Please Agree to Proceed

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Please note that the details you are being asked to supply may be used to provide you with information about other products and services from third parties. The fact that you choose not to receive such information will not affect any aspect of the facilities that are provided to you now or in the future.