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The demand for entertainers & performers throughout Ireland has increased significantly in recent years, particularly as  street traders & events combine with entertainers & performers in order to enhance markets and events and help create a better trading environment for all.


IOMST is Irelands largest and most established Market, Event Entertainers /Performers and Street Trading membership organisation.  In conjunction with Insurers, AIG and Brokers, Richardson Insurance Solution DAC, membership of IOMST provides access to our Public & Employers liability scheme which provides the widest level of cover available.


Our primary aims and objectives are to provide help & support and give information on new markets & events while also ensuring that they benefit from access to the IOMST member insurance scheme.  As an IOMST member you will be instantly recognised by Markets, Events & Local Authorities. Check out our website for more information at www.iomst.ie .


Cover for

  • Musicians/Bands
  • Magicians                                                 Mime Artists
  • Caricaturist                                              Dj, Disco
  • Jugglers                                                   Human Statue
  • Stilt Walkers                                            Acrobats
  • Face painters                                          Children’s cartoon characters
  • Dancers                                                   Craft party activities
  • Balloon Modellers                                   Lego party activities, games
  • Actors                                                      Art party activities


Cover available                                                                          Additional Cover

  • Public Liability                                                                 Classes
  • Product liability                                                                Naked Flame Performance
  • Employers Liability


Simply call us on 01-8360945     Email info@iomst.ie    Or    fill in our application form.

All insurance is placed by Richardson Insurance Solution DAC and underwritten by AIG Europe S.A


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If yes, please give the name and address of the insurer and the renewal date of the policy. .

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If you know the date you would like cover to be effected from, please advise.
Please note cover cannot be back dated.
If other, please advise.

A. Woodworking or power driven machinery or tools?

B. Any heat producing machinery,naked flame, fire or form of incendiary?

C. Blades, knives or other sharp cutting implements?

D. Any other mechanical/electrical plant?

E. Processes involving a noise level in excess of 85 dB(A) ?

If ‘Yes’, are noise assessments carried out?

F. Will you be using Asbestos, silica, PCB’s or lead ?

If ‘Yes’, are noise assessments carried out?

G. Will you be using Heat (oxyacetylene or similar welding or cutting equipment, blow lamps, blow torches, flamed guns, hot air guns or other heat producing equipment?

If ‘Yes’, are noise assessments carried out?

Public Liability

Employers Liability (not included in cost of Public Liability)

If yes, state maximum amount of employees/helpers (cover is recommended)

Products Liability - Automatically Applies to food and drink products.

Products Liability is available for other products. Please provide full details so this can be considered.

Name of Incidents Paid/Oustanding
Employers Liability
Public or Products Liability
  • Our limit of indemnity for Employers Liability is € 13,000,000.
  • Our limit of indemnity for Public or Products Liability is € 13,000,000.
  • Products Liability €13,000,000 automatically applies to food and drink. Other products can be included where agreed by insurers.

I/we declare that the statements and particulars given in this proposal are, to the best of my/our knowledge and belief, true and complete and that this proposal will form the basis of my/our membership of IOMST.*Please Agree to Proceed

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