Kilkenomics Festival

County: Kilkenny
Event Type: Festival
Event Definition: Family Fun
Start Date: 08-11-2018
End Date: 11-11-2018
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Kilkenomics is a unique festival which brings together some of the world’s best thinkers and writers on economics and finance to talk about the burning issues of the day, hosted by Ireland’s sharpest comedians. Already dubbed Davos with jokes (The Australian) and ‘just what economics needs. (The Economist), Kilkenomics has grown rapidly since it was established in 2010 in the teeth of the world’s biggest economic and financial crisis of this generation.


The festival has already featured Jeffrey Sachs, Yanis Varoufakis, Martin Wolf, Nassim Taleb, Gillian Tett, Philippe Legrain and many more economists and commentators who, with the help of sharp-minded comedians, cut through the complicated jargon to get to the heart of the matter. In doing this, Kilkenomics gives its audience close up access to people who normally appear at conferences which charge delegates thousands to attend.


The festival does this against the stunning backdrop of Kilkenny’s medieval city. “I have been to many festivals and conferences but this may be the best. More than that: it felt like democracy” – Financial Times.


Check out the Kilkenomics Festival 2016 promo video!

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