Ted Fest

County: Galway, Galway
Event Type: Festival
Event Definition: Family Fun
Start Date: 20-02-2020
End Date: 23-02-2020
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The Friends of Ted Festival, or Ted Fest, is an annual fan convention held on the island of Inishmore, off the coast of County Galway. Tea and sandwiches and all of the usual high jinx activities are being prepared.


This festival on will either completely baffle you or make you want to up sticks and head for ‘Craggy Island” for a few days of completely off the wall madness! The festival celebrates (if that is the right word!) the cult TV series Father Ted, and as anyone familiar with it will know that means madness, mayhem and total chaos are not just inevitable but desirable.


Planned events (though who knows what will actually happen) include Buckaroo and Movie Charades, a Jesuit Country & Western Hour, Priests v Nuns Beach Volleyball. Oh, and of course the annual Lovely Girls Competition!

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