IOMST Safety Statement  What is a safety statement and do I need one?


All employers and the self-employed must comply with the requirements of Section 20 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005.


This requires that they produce a safety statement relating to their work activities.


Too often HSA Inspectors come across generic safety statements that are prepared by someone with no real understanding of the activities undertaken by the employer.


As such any sample safety statement such as the ones below are not intended as a simple copy and paste solution but more as a guide to help produce a statement specific to your particular business. Only you (or a qualified professional) can produce your safety statement.


Risk ass

Risk Assessment:


  • Identifies Hazards (Potential to cause harm)
  • Assesses Risks (Likelihood of harm occurring and severity)
  • Select Control Measures (To eliminate hazards/control risk)


Once Risk Assessment completed, you can then prepare Safety Statement. This should:


  • List the control measures to be taken to avoid the risks.
  • Name those responsible for implementing and maintaining the measures.
  • Contain plans to deal with an emergency or any serious and imminent risks.
  • List the names of the safety representatives (if any).



We have given you a guide to a Safety Statements, which might help you to write one for your business.