Wilton Farmers Market

Type of Market: Farmers Market
County: Cork
Day(s): Tuesday
Time: 10am - 2.30pm
Contact Person: Rupert Hugh Jones
Phone Number: 086 1685312
Email: Email Market
Website: Market Website
Facebook: Facebook Page

Reopen 2021.


Market Re-Opening Tuesday June 2nd 2020.


The Market provides our customers with a diverse range of naturally produced foods, to connect local producers and farmers to the public and restaurateurs in an atmosphere that fosters community and conviviality.
The sale of any GM products, imported fish, battery eggs or large-scale commercially grown vegetables, non-organic imported fruit or vegetables, or any non-food items with the exception of plants are absolutely not permitted to be sold at the Farmers Market.
Imported Organic fruit and vegetables may not be sold when the same organic produce is in season in Ireland and available from other stalls at the market.




Wilton Shopping Centre, Cork, Ireland

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