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We don’t just provide Liability Insurance for traders . . . . We do much, much more! Some of the additional benefits of becoming an annual member of IOMST:


As a member of I.O.M.S.T. you will be eligible for the following:


  • Liability Insurance for Trading.
  • Advice and Support in relation to Market, Event & Street Trading
  • Assistance with starting your own business or market.
  • Advertising on our website.
  • Information on new markets & events.
  • Instant Recognition from Markets, Events & Local Authorities as being a member of IOMST.
  • Discounts on various goods and services relating to our members activities.~(including credit /debit card transactionsTrailer parts and service, Gazebos, Tents Gazebos/Marquees, Insurance products, etc..

Full member also receive

  • Free Personal Accident Policy up to the value of €25,000 (terms & conditions apply).
  • Free Legal Advice (terms & conditions apply).
  • Free Counselling Helpline, Health & Medical Information Line.

 Additional Insurance Provisions including:

  1.       Public Liability.
  2.       Product Liability.
  3.       Employers Liability.
  4.       Stock in Transit Cover.
  5.       Sale, Supply & Delivery Insurance.
  6.       Accidental Damage, Fire & Theft .
  7.       Operators/Organisers Festival/Event Insurance.
  8.       Shop Insurance.

Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? Give us a call and we will look into it for you!


And it couldn’t be simpler to become a member of IOMST and avail of all of these fantastic services!


Simply contact us for a quote, complete our Application Form online click the link to send it back to us and we can then send an instant quotation!


Looking forward to hearing from you!


Our Broker –    Richardsons


Considered specialists in many areas such as Liability, Professional Indemnity, Leisure and Retail to name a few. We are a Composite Brokerage, offering advice in Commercial Insurance for Corporate Clients, SME’s and Sole Traders. We offer a full range of Financial Services, from Business Protection & Inheritance Tax Planning to Life Assurance & Personal Financial Planning.


Our Insurer-              AIG 1AIG


All IOMST policies have been underwritten by AIG since 2012 via our broker.  AIG are one of the most instantly recognisable names in the insurance business and can offer IOMST members products and services previously unavailable to market and street traders at extremely competitive prices.


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Members can avail of a Commercial motor quote, please fill in the details below in order to obtain a quote.

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Motor Quotations are provided for members only, by our brokers Richardson Insurance Solutions.