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We are delighted to be able to provide motor quotations through our broker for our members.


Traders have traditionally had great difficulty obtaining a quote for their Commercial Motor vehicles as a Market Trader/Mobile Food Trader. It is vital that your motor policy covers you for the activities it is used for in relation to your business this would be a material fact and must be brought to the attention of any insurer that is providing you with cover. If you are not sure if you are correctly covered please contact us and we will arrange for our broker to contact you to discuss any concerns you many have in relation to your motor vehicle.


IOMST have found you a solution.


Do you have a van, ice-cream van, hot food unit or do you tow a trailer unit?

IOMST Members can receive a quote from our insurers for all of the above.

Contact IOMST for details and/or fill in the application form below.

*Please note; cover can be arranged for commercial vehicles only i.e. those subject to commercial motor tax and CVRT/DOE testing. Private/passenger vehicles cannot be covered*

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Motor Quotations are provided for members only, by our brokers Richardson Insurance Solutions.