Did you know?

If you have taken out short term membership insurance with us and are thinking of trading again soon, you can upgrade your policy to annual within 30 days of your original short term cover ending. This way, the original payment is taken in credit against the annual cost.

Please note:

The policy will run from the date of upgrade for the remainder of the 12 months period from the date the cover was originally effected from. No backdating of cover is possible.

If you would like to upgrade to annual cover and you have received a quotation for the balance to do so, simply click the upgrade button below. Alternatively, please contact us and we would be delighted to confirm the additional upgrade cost.

Simply click the above link!

Why Choose IOMST for your business?


IOMST is a membership organisation for all types of traders, entertainers, performers, teachers/classes, event organisers and more…

We provide help and support for your business. We also send regular mailings on what’s up and coming, organisers looking for traders, and some helpful hints and ideas.

Our website contains a section for members to log on for information and discounts.

We can also arrange cover for additional activities including classes, horticultural growing, online sales and supply of goods for resale. Please get in touch for a quotation.

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